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Institute of Peace and Development and Intellectuals for Peace and Development (INSPAD) are sister organizations both are an International non-governmental organization;
Incorporated in Brussels Belgium as ASBL National Registration Number 882-569-148 since 2005.
Registered in Islamabad Government of Pakistan, Registration NO. VSWA / ICT / 1515-2132 as Non-profitable, Voluntary Social Welfare Organization Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 in March 2011.
Have Special Observer Status with United Nations since September 2009.
Registered as Non-Governmental Organization with United Nations from 2007.
Belgium Office: Rue George Moreau 48, Anderlecht, Brussels 1070 Belgium.
Pakistan Office: TISS Campus, Street #589 Sain Sultan Chowk, G-13/2 Islamabad, Pakistan.
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United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations-UN
Organization of Islamic Cooperation-OIC, KSA
European Network Against Racism –ENAR, Belgium
United State Institute of Peace-USIP, Washington DC USA
Ministry of Human rights, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad
Ministry of Religious Harmony, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad
World Association of Non-Governmental Organization-WANGO, USA
Council for Parliament of the World’s Religions, USA
Volunteer National Congress, United States of America
Founder President: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum is the Founder President of the organization, had Masters in International Politics (Belgium), received International title “Ambassador for Peace” from UPF-USA (2007), Human rights Excellence Award from Prime Minister of Pakistan (2009) and Sitara-e-Simaj (Social Star) from PSA-Pakistan (2002). He is former Advisor to Prime Minister of Govt. of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir for Human right. He is eminent peace, human rights, coexistence activist & freelance journalist and columnist since 25 years.
Secretary General: Mrs. Kishwar Aqeel is a senior corporate lawyer and active in social and nongovernmental activities since long time.
Area of Expertise:
To offers objective, critical and non-partisan perspectives in five main areas: Peace dialogue, Human rights, Conflict resolution, Religious coexistence and Women empowerment.
Offer seminars, conferences and training, organize dialogue, workshops, and facilitate visits by international scholars for exchange of information and knowledge. Researchers worldwide are welcome to share their knowledge and expertise with INSPAD.
To offer to take research queries and provide answers from a panel of International Advisory Council comprising eminent worldwide experts in the related fields.
INSPAD invites scholarly contributions toward the advancement of analysis and understanding its focal areas in its soon to be launched refereed e-journal “Peace Initiative”.

Mirpur Declaration on Kashmir 2005
Mirpur Azad Kashmir (PAKISTAN)
This International Kashmir Seminar “Kashmir Peace initiative—–Future Strategy“ is the first step towards our committed goals. We feel pleasure in announcing the following communiqué to further the cause of ambitions and aspirations of the people in line with our initiative for peace and development.
This seminar resolves and declares that:
1. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is an in-divisible entity spread over an area of 84 thousand 4 hundred and 71 square miles (84,471 sq.miles) comprising Jammu, Vale of Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan, Kargill, Ladakh and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The future of the state should in any case be decided in accordance with the UN resolutions, which recognize the wishes and free will of the people of Kashmir and their Right to self-determination.
2. The Kashmiris are the foremost and basic party to the dispute. No bilateral solution could be acceptable without Kashmiris active participation. They will not recognize any treaty or understanding to which they are necessary for which recognize leadership from both sides should be associated to make the talks result oriented and fruitful. Such participation will otherwise be helpful.
3. It is criminal to term the recognized movement against occupation as terrorism.
The word has been maliciously exploited for political gains. It can in no case be applied to the Kashmir Movement.
4. The international community should not itself to be puped by cheap sloganeering like terrorism, it should rather play its due role in effectively stopping the genocide of innocent Kashmiris, molestation of women, illegal detention of youth in torture cells, extra-judicial killing and continued human rights violations of the worst type.
5. It also needs to be recognized by the International community that the Government of Pakistan has gone beyond limits in being flexible but the response from other side has not even been cosmetic. This attitude by India can, instead of allaying tension, further aggravate it, with disastrous consequences.
6. It also needs to be recognized that the Kashmir dispute is the root cause of contention between the two countries. Escalating the situation would be allowed to meet each other and have free access to travel to and from Azad Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir. It would help in creating a conducive atmosphere and better understanding between the people in Kashmir as well as between the two nuke neighbors.
7. Kashmiri leadership from both sides of the ceasefire line should be allowed to meet each other and have free access to travel to and from Azad Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir. It would help in creating a conducive atmosphere and better understanding between the people in Kashmir as well as between the two nuke neighbors.
8. A small chunk of land is declared “demilitarized Zone” anywhere along the line of control to facilitate free meetings of Kashmiris.
9. Both countries accept and respect each other’s Independence and Sovereignty open heartedly on the basis of equality. Key to peace, development and prosperity of the South Asia region lies in resolving the Kashmir dispute as soon as possible. Any deviation from this assertion would bear no fruit.
10. SAARC should be made more effective. To create balance of power, China, Iran and Afghanistan shoals be included as a member to make the organization more functional, operative and suspicion free.
11. All political, religious, social and educational organizations and Institutions shows express unity and solidarity on the Kashmir dispute and form an Intellectual consensus and a harmonious concord both at home and abroad, encouraging and facilitating non-governmental, non-political, think tanks and NGO’s to pave the way for a conducive atmosphere.
12. While CBM’s should be discernible and perceptible bearing sufficient evidence of their implementation they should primarily address the core dispute and not find solution in side tracking it.
To create pragmatically conducive atmosphere we suggest the following as the minimum requirement of any CBM to be taken seriously and to be recognized as credible:
• Opening of all natural land routes without any restrictions except of course with permissions from both sides as it existed before 1956.
• Troops from the population centre are withdrawn.
• All black laws are repealed.
• Kashmiris be allowed to travel freely anywhere, particularly on both sides of Kashmir.
• All prisoners are released.
• All properties confiscated or destroyed are compensated.
(Seminar Chief Guest: H.E. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan, Former President & PM AJK and Supreme Head of All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conference, presided by: H.E. Mr. Lord Nazir Ahmed, Member British House of Lords, H.E. Mr. Sajjad Haidar Karim Member of European Parliament, Brussels Belgium and Hon.Chaudhry Khurshid Ahmed, Commissioner British Equality Commission, UK. and Honourable Guest Speakers: Prof. Dr. Basharat Jazbi Former Federal Minister Health, Hon.Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan President All J & K Muslim Conference, Hon. Abdul Rashid Turabi (JI), Justice retired Hon. Abdul Majeed Malik (JKLL),Hon. Syed Yousif Nasim (APHC) Mr. Irshad Mahmood (IPS), Raja Najabat Hussain (JKSDM-UK), Dr. Riaz Mahmood,(MC-UK) Mr. Ali Raza Syed (KC-EU)Belgium, Mian Mumtaz (KKC-Austria), Mr. Riaz Inqalabi Advocate President district bar, Azeem Dut Advocate (JKSM), Sardar Tahir Aziz (IISS-UK), Hafiz Anwar Smawi (JKLF)Ch. Bashir Ratvi (MC-UK) Abdul Khaliq Qadri (MC-UK) etc.

Brussels Declaration of Religious Coexistence
International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue towards Global Peace
Brussels, Belgium December 1, 2007
We, the representatives of different faiths, communities and cultures, participating in an International Conference on Interfaith dialogue towards global peace, organized in Brussels on 1st December 2007 by two important sister organizations, Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) Belgium, have stressed the promotion of interfaith dialogue for peaceful religious co-existence, cultural harmony and understanding. We have noted that the multicultural society in Europe has become an example for the world to follow.
• The participants of the conference stressed the role civil societies play in creating social awareness about inter-religious harmony, human rights and respect of law, as well as the role of religious and spiritual educational institutions in promoting tolerance, mutual respect and human rights as human rights are part of all religions and civilization.
• The conference called for strengthening communication between the representatives of religions, faiths and European intergovernmental and nongovernmental institutions.
• The conference urged the media and intellectuals to focus on principles that enhance values, equality, tolerance and acceptance of others after having thoroughly examined and discussed the common values of the various faiths and religions as well as barriers to building interfaith harmony within the international community and people. We declare our profound conviction that
• the various faiths and religions in European countries advocate peace, compassion, and tolerance among mankind.
• The promotion of human rights and fundamental freedom, including the right of individuals to choose religion or faith, can contribute to upholding respect for the diversity of faiths and religions, which is essential in combating extremism, intolerance, hatred and violence.
• It is more important for people of different religions and faiths to stand united and make clear that they will not allow the use of violence to divide them. We must all speak up against those who use religion to rationalize terrorism and murder.
• Promoting and protecting peace, justice, human dignity, equality, equity, genuine brotherhood, tolerance and friendly interaction among cultures and religions needs to be cultivated and nurtured to help create an environment conducive to building peace and harmony within communities and people.
(Presided by: H.E. Mr. Eric Tomas Speaker Belgium Parliament, Chief Guest H.E. Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan Prime Minister Azad Jammu Kashmir. Guest speakers – Ms. Marjan Locas (Holland), Ms.Daniel Caron MP (Brussels), Dr.Attiya Anayatullah MNA (Pakistan), Barrister Majeed Tramboo Executive Director KC-EU, Prof. Adion Worth Catholic Pastor, Councilor Leila Al-Kabachi, (Youth Association-Anderlecht) Mr. Phillipe Jacques, Mr. Hugo Verax (UPF),Sardar Javaid Sarwer and Mr. Sardar Muhammad.Tahir Tabassum (host).

Islamabad Peace Declaration:
The Leadership Conference on Dialogue for Peaceful Coexistence
Islamabad August 07, 2008: The Leadership Conference on Dialogue for Peaceful Coexistence adopted “Islamabad Peace Declaration” unanimously and expresses its deep concern over the ever-increasing pressures of conflicts, both overt and covert, threatening not only the widely cherished peace but the very existence of human race; Recognizing the fact that no one single agency or organization can alone pragmatically address the dangers, Conference organized by eminent European NGO Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD), presided by President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir H.E. Raja Zulqarnain Khan and Chief guest was Former President & Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir H.E. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan and Former UN Assistant Secretary General Mr. Amb. Syed Zia Rizvi New York and The conference decided to contribute its bit. For that it has chosen the item of ethnic conflict as the most dangerous area requiring redressal as fast as possible before pragmatically address the dangers, conflicts erupt and engulf the world. The conference duly appreciates and recognizes the efforts being made at different level by eminent individuals and institutions. The sincere efforts by His Majesty Khadim-el-Harmain Shrifain King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud are very encouraging, forward step, towards the same end – Conflict Resolution by Peaceful Means. Our humble efforts can be considered as a continuation of the Makkah and Madrid Conferences, as also of Brussels Peace Conference organized by INSPAD on 30th December 2007. This conference strongly and sincerely requests the OIC, the European Union, The African Unity, including the United Nations to coordinate all international, regional even domestic institutes and even, intellectuals striving animate for the same objectives. This conference also recommends to the governmental and non-governmental institutions of influence and resources to coordinate and create an institution compatible with the gigantic task. In order to pursue and follow-up the agreed principles and premises so as to maintain continuity and persistence. The leadership conference appeals to all world organizations to help promote peace, harmony, mutual understanding, global fraternity and tolerance irrespective of clime and continents. The conference appeals to the affluent world bodies to hold such periodic conferences in every country to emphasize the usefulness and true vision of peaceful coexistence among world communities. H.E. Ambassador of Germany and many of diplomats also present there.
(Guest speakers were renowned European scholars and Intellectual Prof. Dr. Hugh Van Skyhawk Germany (Keynote speaker), eminent Journalist and Chairman Ideological Council Pakistan Mr.Zahid Malik, Former Minister of Minorities Affairs Professor Mr. Mushtaq Victor, Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali, Quaid-i-Azam University, Allama Jawad Hussain Jaffri Chairman Kashmir Cultural Academy Muzaffarabad, Anoop Singh Jaggi Advocate Attock,Miss Farhat Jabeen,and Institute Chief Executive Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum (host), and others had addressed the conference.
National Conference on Palestine
United Nations International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians
Islamabad December 6, 2009
Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haidar Khan said that Peace impossible without resolution of Kashmir and Palestine in the world. Both territories people had many sacrifices for right to self-determination. The people of Pakistan and Kashmir will continue support to self-determination. United Nations must implement the resolutions on Kashmir and Palestine. War is not a solution of any conflict; we have to continue the dialogue on all these conflicts. If world want peace then needs to solve the political conflicts on principle and justice. He was speaking to round-table conference on United Nations International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People at Kashmir house, Organized by eminent think tank Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) on Sunday. Chief guests was Ambassador of Palestine H. E. Mr. Hezam Hussein Abu-Shanab and Federal Minister for Human rights H.E. Mr. Mumtaz Alam Gillani, Keynote speaker was Former Minister for Information & Secretary General PMLQ Hon. Mr. Mushahid Hussain Seyyad, guest speakers were Bishop of Lahore Hon. Dr. Alexander John Malik, PMLn leader Muhammad Siddique ul Farooq Rawalpindi, Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sajjad, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, educationists Mrs. Ameena Naeem Shafi Rawalpindi, Chief Executive Officer INSPAD Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, INSPAD officials Mrs. Maqbool Akhter, Kamran Azam Khan, Mr. Babar Hameed Gorsi, Mr. Irfan Tahir and Miss Aasma Tahir and others speaks on the occasion. Prime Minster assured to Palestinian Ambassador that Kashmiri people will not forget Palestinian struggle and Al-Quds Sharif; we will continue our humble support in future. He said that they sacrifices too much but still they are living in miserable condition. Both peoples are facing brutality and violation of human rights since long time. Prime Minister said that all injustice and terrorism must be finish and peace and development is needs of the day. Chief Guest H.E. Ambassador of Palestine, Mr.Hezam Hussein Abu-Shanab thankful to Prime Minister Azad Kashmir, and political leaders and Pakistani people for the continuous support to the people of Palestine. He said, we understand the suffering of Pakistani people of all the violence striking and we would like to see Pakistan safe and secured, as we see and an end of violence in Kashmir, Peshawar, Waziristan and Pakistan. Ambassador Hezam Hussein said that as I see today although competition between political parties, but they are all here today for Palestine, and I can say “Palestine unites” a politicians and people. He said that we fought back defending our lives, dignity, and freedom for decades and you kept supporting us. And today we are about to go to the UN demanding the deployment of UN resolutions on Palestine. He said that Palestine is about to win it’s liberty and independence, and a Pakistani Imam will give the Friday Khutba from Alaqsa Mosque celebrating Palestine independence, any pain in Pakistan is a pain in Palestine and pain in Palestine pain in Kashmir. He said that Palestine and Kashmir resolution can be provide ground to promote and protect peace, human rights and justice in the world. Both peoples are sacrificing since six decades. He said that in every inch of Palestine and Kashmir had bloods, sacrifices and devotion. We both are demanding our rights, it’s our sacred mission, and we will continue voices till to get the right of self-determination.
Federal Minister for Human rights H.E. Mr. Syed Mumtaz Alam Gillani said that Pakistan government and nation supporting Palestinian from a day of first, we recognized Palestinian state firstly, and we admired the great services of late Chairman PLO Mr.Yaser Arafat. He said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto accept Palestine authority in 1974 Islamic Summit at Lahore. He said Kashmir and Palestine are core issues for the world peace. Mr. Gillani emphasizes that Pakistan government will continue diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiris and Palestinian people. He said that Pakistan people’s Party creation of the Kashmir question by our late Chairman Bhutto.
Former Federal Minster and Secretary General PMLQ H.E. Mr. Mushahid Hussain Seyyad vocally said that terrorism and injustice will remove if Kashmir and Palestine disputes resolve. Both are facing tragic problems from 62 years. He said that Palestine is also our problem like Kashmir. Pakistan had firm commitment on Palestine from the day of first. Both had nuclear consciences and very alarming for world peace and stability. Prominent Scholar Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali said that Peace no possible without dialogue, racism should remove by dialogue. She said we have to work on diversity, Pakistan facing very crucial terrorism itself because of international politics involve on this issue and innocent people are killing day by day. She said that tolerance, forgiveness and religious coexistence is a global demand now.
Bishop of Lahore Hon. Dr. Alexander John Malik said that we must spoke together not only on Palestine in every national issue and also on Kashmir. Both issues had very dangerous situation now and world powers must realize this alarming situation. Peace not possible in South Asia without the peaceful and durable solution of Kashmir, Kashmiris and Palestinian had a ling history of sacrifices. He said Christian community will continue full support to these both issue.
PMLN leader Mr. Muhammad Siddique ul Farooq said that our party stance is to supporting Palestinian and Kashmiri people till their right to self determination, if world want peaceful atmosphere in the world, then resolution of both conflicts is very essential and Israel and India must stop killing of innocent population and violation of humanity there.
Host Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) Chief Executive Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum said that Peaceful resolution of Kashmir and Palestine is our core mission, we cannot forget Al-Quds Sharif occupation and we believe in the activities for promoting awareness of coexistence, dialogue and education. The efforts to learn and understand would bring Abraham’s Family and other religions into closer ties. INSPAD hope that we will be able to implement methods that will bring the people of Palestine and Kashmir closer as equals, tolerant and more enlightened society that lives in peace with the world and primarily with itself. He also said that UN is a strong hope for peace and development and we will admire the great services and efforts of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon in recent few months.
He said that 65 percent population of the world is facing hunger, poverty, illiteracy and injustice. It is essential to develop the society not dissolve it. We must narrow the widening gap between rich and poor. After the 9 /11 episode all the blame was laid on the Muslims due to lack of unity and cohesion amongst their rank and file. The situation is being exploited to the advantage of the West. Its not justified as Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and truth. He said the third world war can be seen looming on the horizon. Only we can avoid this nuclear war to resolve Palestine and Kashmir disputes and to promote coexistence and justice in the world.
The Prime Minister, Federal Minister, Palestinian Ambassador and guest speakers admired the services of INSPAD and CEO Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum to promote peace, human rights, dialogue and understanding in Europe and Pakistan.
The Ambassador Abu-Shanab warmly welcomed when he reached at Kashmir House, He had discussed with Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and Federal Minister for human rights and Mr. Tabassum on the latest situation of Palestine and mutual interest on lunch.
INSPAD presented special shields to Prime Minister, Minister Human rights and Ambassador Mr. Abu-Shanab. In the starting message of UN Secretary General H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and Chairman of the Committee on Palestinian’s rights Mr. Paul Badji had read by Mr. Kamran Azam Khan, Director INSPAD & Mrs. Maqbool Naz in the conference.
EU role in Arab-Israel Peace Process
Molestation of the Kashmiri Women
Human rights situation in Europe
Pakistan Dangerous or in Danger
Women’s rights and development in Asia
Islam and West, President Obama visit to Cairo
Women Empowerment and World Economy.
Peace, stability and development in South Asia
Political Situation in Kashmir and Role of United Nations and Management:

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