A historic peace and harmony conference organised by the INSPAD took place at the British House of Parliament

London: A historic peace & harmony conference organised by the INSPAD took place at the British House of Parliament.

The conference began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Shaykh Qari Ahmad Al Nafais, MP Muhammad Yaseen presided over the conference, while Dr. Tahir Tabassum, president INSPAD, hosted the event. The conference aimed to highlight the UK’s role in Pak-UK relations and the issue of Kashmir, as well as the influential voices of Pakistan and Kashmir in the British Parliament.

It also sought to acknowledge the distinguished services of powerful Kashmiri and Pakistani leaders by presenting them with awards and prestigious certificates .During the conference, Dr. Tahir Tabassum, President of INSPAD, emphasised the role of Pakistani and Kashmiri immigrants as true ambassadors of their countries, capable of countering negative propaganda and presenting a positive image. He stressed the importance of active participation, both collectively and individually, in advocating for Pakistan and Kashmir to achieve political, economic, and mutual benefits. Resolving the Kashmir issue was highlighted as essential not only for the peace of the Asian region but also for global peace. Dr. Tahir called on international powers, particularly Britain, to exert pressure on India for the release of peace activist Hurriyat Leader Yasin Malik.

Prominent individuals such as Lord Qurban Hussain, Chairman of Labour Friends of Kashmir; MP Andrew Gwynne; MP Paul Bristow; MP Sam Tarry; MP Khalid Mehmood; MP Tahir Ali; MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi; and Dr. Khurshid Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of Governance at INSPAD, delivered speeches shedding light on the latest developments in Pak-UK relations and the Kashmir issue.

During the conference, several individuals were recognised for their contributions. Lord Qurban Hussain, MP Andrew Gwynne, MP Paul Bristow, Dr. Khurshid Ahmed CBE, Sardar Joga Singh, Raja Fahim Kayani, Yasmine Dar, Ravi Singh, Adam Abu Ayman, and S M Irfan Tahir were awarded the Community Service for Pak-UK Relations and Longstanding Service to the Kashmir Issue.

Furthermore, the Ambassador of Peace Certificate was presented to MP Muhammad Yaseen, MP Khalid Mehmood, David Abrahams, Imam Ahmed Al Nafais, Rafiq Sehgal, Manpreet Singh, Asia Hussain, Sheraz Khan, Manzar Qureshi, and Rehana Ali.

The conference concluded with a special prayer offered by Paul Salahuddin for the freedom of Kashmir & Palestine, the stability of Pakistan, and the establishment of world peace.

Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

Peace and Harmony Conference  (21 June 2023, Wednesday)


Presided by Hon. Mr. Muhammad YASIN, Member Parliament Keynote speech of host.
I am extremely grateful to the Honorable Mr. Muhammad Yasin MP presiding this great peace and harmony conference in the House of Commons global peace, and religious harmony important cause, I think this is also the need of the present time too.
I am thankful to Hon. Afzal Khan MP to provides this valuable place & left to perform Hajj.
Peace & harmony is not only the need of every individual, but without it, the society is becoming barren and until harmonious peace is establish in the world, whatever work we do will remain incomplete and fruitless.
The purpose of establishing the think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD is also to create intellectual harmony among opinion-minded people and to create unity among them in the society so that work done sustainable. Respected ladies and gentlemen: We have to sow such seeds of peace and build bridges that the spirit of tolerance and self-sacrifice grows and instead of using force, we should prefer dialogue not power, build bridges to lead peace, harmony, tolerance and coexistence.
We have to adopt such an environment that regardless of faith, race, and color, all religions are respected,
Muslims faith not complete until we accept the all holy messengers of Allah and holy books wholeheartedly.
Britain Parliamentarians
has played a key role in bringing peace, harmony and dialogue in various global conflicts. As a member of UNSC, it is United Kingdom obligation to play role for the resolution of festering disputes like Kashmir which pose a threat to global peace and harmony.
The people of Kashmir were promised their right to self determination by the UN Security Council. The Kashmir and Palestine issues is on UNSC agenda till today.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Since August 2019, the Kashmiris life in Indian occupied Kashmir has been made miserable. Thousands of Kashmiri political activists especially youth have been detained. Kashmiri leaders and journalist are behind the bars. Top Kashmiri and Sikhs leadership are under detention for years. Killings, genocide and violence of human rights and rapes of innocent women is routine practice of Indian forces in Kashmir
The international journalists and relief agencies are not allowed to travel to occupied Kashmir to reports and relief the situation on ground.
the world of yearning for peace. Russia Ukraine War, Syria and Afghanistan also facing worst crises. The situation of human rights not good in India, Sikhs, Dalits and whole minorities are in danger in India.
Eminent Kashmiri leaders Shabir Ahmad Shah and Yasin Malik are in very poor health condition and are not being treated.
An other burning point that Delhi High Court India has issued a notice to commute the life sentence of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik to death. Sikh leader Jatheydar Jagtar Singh and many detained since 30 years.
INSPAD appeals to worldwide organizations working for human rights, peace and justice, media and policymakers are strongly requested please save Yasin Malik’s life, he played effective non-violent role and fought for the freedom of Kashmiris all his life. We demand his urgent instant release.
No solution to the 76-year-old Kashmir conflict. the administration of Prime Minister Sunak will look to solving the root cause of the problem of Kashmir.
I am again grateful to the Member of Parliament Hon. Mr. Muhammad Yasin and the Conference Coordinator, prominent journalist Mr. Irfan Tahir and all other team members Mr. Adam Abu Ayman, Sahibzada Farooq AlQadri، Cllr. Khizar Hussain Qadri, to organize this successful and beautiful peace conference.
In last My humble request to the president and conference participants please establish a committee on harmonious peace to pursue it and humbly request to raise voice in Favour of release Dr. Afia Siddiqi, she arrested more then 20 years in American jail. Also free Yasin Malik, Shabir Ahmed Shah and Sikh leader jagtaar Singh and others.
Thank you very much for your patience and tolerance.